Thermage is a safe, clinically tested treatment used to tighten the skin and repair contours. It stimulates the body’s own collagen, renewing skin tone, contour and structure. The newest Thermage apparatus became available in 2007, giving results incomparable to techniques used earlier. Thermage treatment is a one-session treatment, which is completely non-invasive, no scalpel or needles are involved, and therefore no complications arise.
This technique tightens collagen in the skin and stimulates collagen synthesis as well, this is why results are immediately visible, but are also long lasting and constantly improve up until 6 months after treatment. Results are noticeable for years.

Thermage treatment can only be found in medical clinics, especially cosmetic surgery clinics worldwide. This one-session treatment takes about 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on the size and number of areas being treated. What’s more, there is no down-time, patients may return to their daily routine immediately after treatment.
Unlike laser therapy it can be used with any skin colour and type during any season of the year. While fillers can only be used to fill wrinkles, Thermage can be used to treat complete areas anywhere on the body including the face, neck, forehead, eyelids, abdomen and hands. Skin on the chest, upper arms, breasts, thighs and knees can also be tightened in this manner.

How does Thermage work?

We must know a little bit about the structure of our skin to understand how Thermage works. Our skin is composed of 3 layers, the outer visible layer being the epidermis, the middle one rich in collagen called the dermis and the deepest layer the subcutis that is rich in adipose tissue and a network of collagen fibers. If the amount of collagen decreases in these layers due to excessive sun-tanning, genetics or natural aging skin begins to sag and wrinkle. Treatments or procedures that only affect the surface of the skin cannot stimulate collagen production deeper in the skin. Thermage is the only non-invasive method of tightening skin while stimulating collagen production at the same time. How? Thermage uses capacitive radio frequency technology (monopole technique), which is capable of stimulating collagen fibers in the deeper layers of the skin, and this leads to immediate tightening and a renewed skin-tone and structure. Constant renewal of the skin lasts about 4-6 months after treatment due to increased collagen production. Thermage is safer than any other invasive cosmetic or aesthetic surgical procedures. It is not necessary to repeat treatment 5 or 6 times like other treatments and there is no down-time involved.

Thermage treatment:
The Thermage technique may only be applied and purchased by doctors who have been trained appropriately; this is why our clinic was the first location in Hungary for Thermage treatment. 

Best results can be achieved between the ages 35 and 60 years of age. Results are less noticeable if the patient is older and/or has a weaker skin structure. Treatment takes 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on the size of the area being treated. A warm sensation may be felt in the skin while the energy of the radio frequency treats the deeper layers of the skin. All this indicates is that the treatment is working, collagen production is being stimulated and that the skin is being tightened. A slight redness may occur after treatment although this is rare and it should disappear in the first few days.

Immediate results:
The treated area of skin is finer and smoother to the touch while the contour becomes more harmonic.

Long-term effect:
Constant improvement is visible during the following months. Collagen production in the skin increases and becomes tighter with a finer contour. This process continues for the first 6 months.