It is safe to say that we are experiencing the renaissance of adipose tissue implantation in the past few decades. The previous techniques used to transplant fat were not efficient, most of the newly implanted fat would get reabsorbed.

Many methods are known and used in treatment or rejuvenation of the face. There is a broad spectrum from surgical procedures to cosmetic procedures to Thermage. The term dermabrasion means the mechanical resurfacing or polishing of the skin. With a diamond-headed tool we can achieve precise, yet strong and in depth polishing and peeling of the skin.

Lip enhancement is most commonly done using some sort of filler. These fillers are usually absorbable which of course has its advantages and disadvantages. Fillings must be repeated from time to time. Some fillers are non-absorbable such as liquid silicone, but as in many other countries the use of liquid silicone is prohibited in Hungary.

Introduction of Macrolane

Breast implants were introduced in the 1960’s. Over a long improvement process we can state that today breast implants are safe, good quality and naturally shaped.

Premature aging is an inconvenience to many. Earlier there was no treatment to fill the void between cosmetic treatment and a face-lift. Keeping your face in good condition at an early age is just as important. Many new procedures and treatments have filled this void between cosmetic treatment and face-lifts. Chemical peeling should be mentioned as well as laser therapy and thread lifts (Aptos or gold thread lift method).

Suspension methods in facial surgery.

In the last decade the demand for smaller procedures versus facial surgery have increased drastically. Within the less invasive methods we should mention facial rejuvenation with laser therapy and the different types of chemical of physical peeling. Thread lifts have found its place within these minimal invasive techniques. It lets us perform a fast, ambulatory procedure using local anesthesia, which leads to a shorter recovery or down time.

Filling is done to treat smaller wrinkles, depressions and imperfections on the face. Popular fill sites include between eyebrows and wrinkles found beside the nose and mouth. These lines can only be smoothed out in this manner but will not disappear completely.

Botox is a very popular wrinkle reducing injectable agent that involves the inactivation of the strong muscles, which cause wrinkling. This is done with the help of a toxin which temporarily paralyses a specific muscle so that the skin located above it becomes smooth making wrinkles disappear or less visible.