Filling is done to treat smaller wrinkles, depressions and imperfections on the face. Popular fill sites include between eyebrows and wrinkles found beside the nose and mouth. These lines can only be smoothed out in this manner but will not disappear completely.


It is important to know that filling is only a symptomatic treatment, almost all fillers are absorbable. Filling does not prevent the causes such as weak muscle tone, change in the skin’s elasticity, but it could put off a face-lift for years. Manufacturers usually predict 6 to 12 months for absorption, but fast absorbing and long-lasting fillers are also available. Patients’ sensitivity and ability to absorb the filler may vary from person to person.

We use Artecoll®, Restylane® and Esthelis fillers in our practice. The procedure is fast and ambulatory with minimal discomfort. Redness can be seen on the treated area for a few hours, no allergic reaction will occur. Lumping (granulomas) can safely be avoided if used correctly.