Laser therapy

Every laser functions in a different range and this is why they can be used in various fields of plastic surgery. The IPL technology at our clinic is mainly used to perform permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation and for the removal of small spider veins.


This type of cosmetic treatment does not damage the skin, the light travels through it like it does through a window and is absorbed by dark pigment. The hair follicle is heated so that it is incapable of producing more hair. Unfortunately lasers and IPL techniques are not effective on light-coloured or blond hair.

Scarring and suturing are not present in non-invasive treatments like this one. The only side effect may be slight redness of the treated area, which should disappear in a short time. Treatment is painless.
4-6 sessions are needed for permanent results.

The sessions should be timed 4-6 weeks apart so that the greatest number of active follicles can be treated.

All areas of the body can be treated, but most common areas on women are the bikini-line, the face, legs and armpits. Treatment of the back, shoulders and face are most popular with men.