Permanent Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal was earlier done with laser techniques most commonly the Alexandrite and Rubin laser. These lasers were later replaced with what is called Intensive Pulse Light (IPL). Lasers and IPL techniques are based on light energy being absorbed by dark pigment and converted into heat, thus destroying hair follicles. Techniques that are being used to this day allow absorption only in dark pigment; therefore these cannot be used to remove light-coloured or grey hair.

We must know a little more about the growth of hair to understand hair removal. Only a small percent of hair follicles in the body are active at once, meaning they actually contain hair, the rest of the follicles are in an inactive state. Hair follicles alternate between these to stages according to a cycle, which explains why hair removal sessions must be repeated 4-6 times with 4-6 week intervals between sessions. Treatment is usually painless, a slight pinching feeling maybe present at times.

What kind of apparatus is used to perform the treatment is important. Unfortunately cheap machines are appearing in many cosmetic and beauty salons worldwide which are incapable of eliminating the follicles due to their small energy output. Because of this many unsatisfied patients are turning away from this method of hair removal.
We use an American manufactured high-quality Palomar machine at our clinic, which leaves patients satisfied, sometimes after 3 or 4 treatments. The effect is long lasting, although rarely some patients experience minimal hair growth years after treatment, but this can be eliminated with an additional short session.