It is hard to decide what facial procedure or treatment fits our needs with so many on the market today. Do I need a face-lift, a smaller minimally invasive procedure, Thermage treatment or do I ‘only’ need some cosmetic touching-up to achieve my desired results?

Thermage is a safe, clinically tested treatment used to tighten the skin and repair contours. It stimulates the body’s own collagen, renewing skin tone, contour and structure. The newest Thermage apparatus became available in 2007, giving results incomparable to techniques used earlier. Thermage treatment is a one-session treatment, which is completely non-invasive, no scalpel or needles are involved, and therefore no complications arise.
This technique tightens collagen in the skin and stimulates collagen synthesis as well, this is why results are immediately visible, but are also long lasting and constantly improve up until 6 months after treatment. Results are noticeable for years.

Permanent hair removal was earlier done with laser techniques most commonly the Alexandrite and Rubin laser. These lasers were later replaced with what is called Intensive Pulse Light (IPL). Lasers and IPL techniques are based on light energy being absorbed by dark pigment and converted into heat, thus destroying hair follicles. Techniques that are being used to this day allow absorption only in dark pigment; therefore these cannot be used to remove light-coloured or grey hair.

Every laser functions in a different range and this is why they can be used in various fields of plastic surgery. The IPL technology at our clinic is mainly used to perform permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation and for the removal of small spider veins.